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Design Your Dream Life

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

"You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment".

- Napoleon Hill -

Do you dare to create your dream life?

Are you brave enough to dream?

Are you brave enough to take a leap of faith & live your best life?

These two questions I ask you, in the hope it will stir up the creativity and longing inside you.

The childlike fascination of being able to achieve anything without the limitation of fear.

As the old saying goes, children don't stop trying to walk when they fall down, they keep trying till they achieve their goal.

If you have ever sat & watched a child trying to do anything you will notice their determination is so strong. They may get distracted for a second, they will turn to watch the wiggles on TV or start to play with a new toy. However what they will not do is abandon their goal, they will return and continue till they achieve and master their set task.

The most valuable lesson I give to you today is, like a child never give up. You can by all means stop and enjoy whatever is there in the moment but make sure you return to your task & master it.

Do not let fear get in your way. #Donotgiveup.

Dream Big

  • Write Down 3 things you are grateful for

  • Write down 3 amazing moments that have happened in your life

  • Write down 3 amazing moments you wish to create in your life

Don't be scared to dream big, even if it seems crazy to you in this moment.

Allow yourself to really find that goal that makes you smile and then strive to achieve it.

Use images

Love to #dreambig?

You can find inspirational images to help you along the way, you can also label them with cool inspirational hashtags

You may have always dreamed of lying on the beach in Miami or Hawaii under a yellow sun umbrella. You may wish to be a food blogger focused on nutritional soups or you may wish to ride an orange scooter in some part of the world while on vacation.

Whatever it is that you desire, don't be afraid to write It down and make it a dream come true.

Keep it positive, keep it exciting and most importanly keep it motivating.

Haute Lifestyle co.

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