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Are you living with regret ?

"Our biggest regrets are not for the things we have done, but for the things we haven't."

- Chad Michael Murray

Don't look back with regret, look back and be proud of how far you have come.
No Regrets


I have come across this quote many many times before, however it never really made sense to me.

I always associated it with big ticket items.For example will I regret not going on this awesome holiday?. Will I regret not buying a new car? etc etc etc

So it always kind of went in one ear and out the other.

It's only now that I've realised the power of this quote & living in regret.

It's not about the big things in life, this quote is better suited to the little, everyday things in life.

Waking up happy, exercising, being kind, spending time being grateful. So many things we can do to better ourselves every day & yet we sometimes consciously choose to stay in a state that doesn't serve us.

Strengthening our mind is imperative to building successful habits, using the power of regret propels you forward.

So my message is simple, next time you think you can't do something ask yourself this very important question "Will I regret this decision later on?'

When you can't be bothered to exercise ask yourself,

"Will I regret this decision when I have to get dressed up, go out and I won't feel fabulous?'

Will you be hiding in the corner because you chose not to exercise so you look and feel good?

When you don't eat the right foods, to fuel your body right & stay healthy ask yourself,

"Will I regret this when I am feeling sluggish & unhealthy?'

Are you happy to look and feel tired, have breakouts on your skin due to the bad foods you have been eating?

This question can be used on a variety of different things in life, what I urge you to do today is use it to make yourself better. Use it to become stronger more adaptable & resilient.

Use this question when you need that extra bit of motivation to get you up and moving. Use it to become your best self, so that you do not have to live with the regret of

"I should have started sooner."

Use it to start being too busy living your best life.

Use it today.

Haute Lifestyle co.

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